Grassroots Funding Week: Your chance to be a grantmaker

Each day between May 4 and May 8, PDF will highlight a focus area within the social justice movement to give our donors the opportunity to directly support organizations and communities standing up for human rights.

Grassroots Funding Week is a unique initiative that PDF developed in response to changes in technology and philanthropy. PDF designed Grassroots Funding Week as a way to bridge the technology gap between donors and organizers. Using our social media platforms, website and e-blasts, PDF offers our donors the opportunity to learn about a variety of organizations that are doing cutting-edge work on the front lines of social change.

Investing in grassroots community organizing has seldom been as critical as it is now. The most important and innovative solutions to the crisis we face will come from the ground up, from folks building peace, justice and equity in their communities over the long haul. Join PDF in supporting them and help amplify the impact of our community organizing grants!

Click on the links below to view their applications and donate! (Hint: if you don’t see a link, refresh your browser, page or clear your cache).


Monday, May 4
Economic Justice Rising
Transit Riders Union
Arriba Las Vegas Workers Center
Parents Organizing for Welfare and Economic Rights (POWER)

Tuesday, May 5
#GivingTuesday – Invest in Community Organizing,
Give a gift to all participating organizations

Wednesday, May 6
Celebrating Culture, Building Solidarity
Taller GiRASOL
Spencer Pride, Inc.
API Equality – Los Angeles
International Traditional Games Society

Thursday, May 7
Taking Back Our Cities
Downwinders at Risk
Community Movement Builders
Phoenix Local Organizing Committee

Friday, May 8
Beyond Incarceration
Women Against Mass Incarceration
American Indian Prison Project Working Group

How Does PDF Make Grantmaking Recommendations?

PDF uses the “Four Pillars” to frame our grantmaking, namely organizing to shift power, working to build a movement, dismantling oppression and creating new structures.

In order to shift power (the first pillar) we look for leaders who are accountable to their communities, a collective decision-making process, and leadership from the communities who are affected by the problems. Within the second pillar, working to build a movement, PDF seeks organizations that have a plan for systemic change, a way to develop strategic alliances, and for the organization to have a long- term vision or analysis of their effect and role within their community.

The third pillar of PDF grantmaking focuses on dismantling oppression through challenging existing institutions and structures, connecting different forms of oppression together to better understand their origins, and confronting privilege where possible. The last pillar, creating new foundations and structures, means allowing power to come from the bottom up: people who know the issues and are directly affected by them also know best how to create changes within their communities.

PDF’s community organizing grantmaking is inspired by the desire to fund front-line grassroots organizations that are working towards peace through justice, that give working-class and other oppressed persons a platform through which they can voice their concerns, and work towards equal and just solutions for their community. With them, we stand on the frontier of social justice.