Arriba Las Vegas Workers Center

Arriba Las Vegas Workers Center
1948 E. Charleston Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89104


Arriba Las Vegas is a vibrant growing worker center dedicated to social and economic justice. Our mission is to develop, educate, and empower immigrant and worker-led movements for inclusion, dignity, and win justice for all. Leadership development and popular education are the foundation of our direct-action campaign organizing. 


The formation of Arriba Las Vegas as a community institution was led initially by a launch committee of six day-laborers from five distinct hiring sites across Las Vegas. Each has worked between 3-15 years as day laborers, after migrating from Mexico and Central America. The launch committee grew to 20 people, including domestic workers, and TPS holders. Through a series of leadership retreats over two years, our founding membership collaboratively built our organization from the ground up, from membership to vision and mission, bylaws, work priorities, and power analysis.  

The Issues:

In November 2019, the City of Las Vegas advanced an egregious homelessness ban in a city with a housing shortage. Healthcare for undocumented individuals is almost non-existent. Wage theft is rampant. Hate crimes and unlawful intimidation of workers have increased under this administration. The office of the labor commissioner still refuses to accept or investigate cases brought by domestic workers and day laborers, despite legislation designed to protect them. The underlying objective is for Arriba Las Vegas to serve as a vehicle for leadership development and social justice efforts led by directly impacted people and to organize to change these realities. 

Constituency and Leadership:

We define our community as our members as well as their families and communities. Our membership is primarily of Mexican and Central American origin, primarily low income, of all ages, abilities, and orientations. Our members, who are directly impacted by the issues we work on, form the leadership bodies and make decisions at every level of our work. Campaigns are driven by one of three committees, made up of directly impacted people and their families: Economic Justice, TPS, and Deportation Defense Committees. 

Tackling Oppressive Structures:

We address issues of oppression, racism and discrimination on a daily level, internally within our staff and members, and externally in our public-facing work and alliances. Publicly, we aim for our work to disrupt white supremacy, fascism and discrimination. This requires naming systems of oppression, and articulating solutions that do not replicate what we aim to disrupt. Popular education and storytelling are our main tools for addressing inequality and oppression inside our organization. 

Movement Building:

We were excited to partner closely with RAICES Texas and National Day Laborer Organizing Network in February 2020 for the “Alto Polimigra 2020 Organizers Convening” which we hosted here in Las Vegas. In partner with the two other lead sponsors, we hosted 70 other state organizers, along with thirty local leaders for a three day organizer convening. We were able to engage twelve current and future partners to provide workshops and panel presentations, including ILRC, Detention Watch Network, the Immigrant Defense Project, Cosecha and others. Our approach to movement building, and with this convening, in particular, is to create the conditions for collective power and strategizing. A specific objective for both local and national attendees was to create an environment where people can effectively share information, strengths and challenges, to mutually enforce our success in collaboration, though we may be fighting on the same issues in different cities, counties and states.

Long-term Vision for Change:

“Our vision is unity amongst diverse communities. By organizing and informing ourselves, we aspire to build power and overcome fear. We dream of having our contributions to this country be recognized as equal to any citizen or resident. We believe we will achieve these visions by fighting in various trenches of the movement for justice. In the streets, via peaceful protest, in congress, with elected officials, and from our homes we are fighting for ourselves and for future generations.” –Francis Garcia, VP Arriba Board 

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