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PDF reader comments:

This is really comprehensive, well organized, multi-cultural and indigenous-led organizing. Native American Educational Technologies (NAET) is addressing all kind of environmental and climate issues, fighting pipelines and protecting water.  NAET addresses timely issues while building a movement across different communities and addressing different systemic oppressions through direct action and cultural activism. It is evident that this group is passionate, knowledgeable and effective in their work.

Native American Educational Technologies (NAET
8558 N County Road K, Lac Courte Oreilles Reservation
P.O. Box 1500
Hayward, WI  54843


Following in the footsteps of our Chippewa/Anishinaabe ancestors, our mission is to remember and share the wisdom, culture and traditional ways of the past generations with youth and current generation for the sake of preserving and protecting the Native American culture and natural environment for the future seven generations from now. Our existence is our resistance to colonization.


Lead by the culturally traditional Chippewa Native American elders and youth, NAET started in 1995 by organizing to stop Exxon from mining upstream from the Sokaogon Chippewa reservation and their wild rice lakes. Ten years later, they stopped a massive pipeline/transmission line project. Five years ago they organized a large, culturally diverse resistance to the world’s biggest open pit iron mine.

The Issues:

Global climate change is already harming the local traditional tribal sources of food.  Wild rice lakes and streams are under threat. Other major issues include “anti-Indian” racism in our surrounding northern Wisconsin counties, towns and political system. NAET is fighting against big operations with endless resources that are causing harm to the environment.  The Trump administration threatens to remove/extinguish treaty rights tribes and protection of the waters.

Constituency and Leadership:

Being a tribal, culturally based organization, NAET organizes in traditional tribal ways: they  form a circle. In a circle everyone is equal, everyone has a voice. Their members are the ones making the decisions. NAET has a large membership that gathers to make decisions. Those decisions are then shared with the president and advisory board.

Tackling Oppressive Structures:

They have learned that sharing common human activities such as sharing food brings people of various backgrounds together. They also are a media collective that records and broadcasts all hearings, meeting and rallies. NAET’s broadcasts and actions cross borders and boundaries of state, race and class.

Movement Building:

NAET operates in an alliance of groups networked together across the state and also across state boundaries. NAET provides the media services for this network, as they did in Standing Rock North Dakota. Their broadcasts and events help other organizations get their voices heard.


After the actions or broadcasts have taken place, NAET archives those broadcasts online and asks: Did they succeed in the event, in the broadcast and in their overall goal? Did they bring together all the people possible and did they reach the largest number of people with the event/action/ broadcast and did they further their mission? Did they help change policies/did they stop the pollution? Did they affect change?

Long-term Vision for Change:

Knowing that NAET’s location will be the next “Standing Rock” means they must do non-violent training for civil disobedience actions. Now, in this more difficult political environment, as the earth continues to heat up, NAET must take their turn taking a stand. Their vision is to stop the encroachment and expand their inclusive, neighborly way of building alliances, while preserving their tribal way of life and helping their communities survive.

Organization Budget:  $44,000
Request: $10,000

Raised to Date:  $5,025

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