Phoenix Local Organizing Committee

Phoenix Local Organizing Committee
3065 N 67TH AVE APT 119
Phoenix, AZ 85033


Phoenix L.O.C. mission is to build community and leadership using ministries to promote systems where people of African descent are valued, seen and heard, established on the purpose and importance of unified communities. 


Phoenix Local Organizing Committee for Justice or Else (PhxLOC) is an organization founded and driven by the constant and consistent injustices we face in our Black lives daily and the knowledge that many in the past have sacrificed to see a better brighter future for people of African descent throughout the diaspora. Since 2015 The Phoenix LOC has worked to organize Black people around self-reliance, determination, and development. We join the religious, non-religious, educated, undereducated, poor, oppressed, underserved people of African descent together to build leadership that will establish a better future for ourselves locally using the talents and skills that we possess collectively to solve our educational, political, and economic needs.

The Issues:

We are working to serve a population that is not only historically and proportionately disadvantaged but spread out in various pockets and the Phoenix LOC recognizes the need for cooperative strength through collective organization. With a serious shortage of Black elected officials there are very few who represent the interest of Black Phoenix and who can push for those needs to be met. And in general, the criminalization of Black people makes them more susceptible to be arrested than to have our social, mental and physical needs met.

Constituency and Leadership:

We focus on the Black Community especially those who are economically, socially disadvantaged living in poorer neighborhoods and undeserved. Each of the ten ministries of the LOC is managed by a chairperson who ensures that the overall objectives of the ministry are accomplished.

Tackling Oppressive Structures:

We bring community members together and engage in dialogue around problems we face and the best solutions for them, then we create a plan, organize our intellectual and material resources with the community then build programming around the solutions to be applied. This is the same process we use internally. 

Movement Building:

We are currently working in coalition with Poder in Action, Black Phoenix Organizing Collective, Mass Liberation, Puente, LUUCHA, White People Against White Supremacy, Black Lives Matter Phoenix Metro, and Unitarian Universalist Justice Arizona for the development of the Phoenix Civilian Review Board. We engage in open dialogue, organizing and mobilizing around issues being faced by disenfranchised and ignored communities. Movement building for us is about both supporting individual organizations’ efforts that we align with and uniting behind common issues faced by the community that present themselves and using our collective strength to solve those issues.

Long-term Vision for Change:

We believe we can tackle this complex demographic of poverty, poor education, lack of jobs, high crime and over-policing by creating an environment of peace showing the community how to solve their own problems through conflict resolution and personal responsibility and self-development, combined with resources that will allow the creation and guidance of business opportunities. A major contribution to violence and poverty is not only the lack of communal structure but a functioning economy to support that structure. The Community Safe Haven Program is establishing a group of men and women determined to take personal responsibility in the health and growth of their community.

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Request: $10,000

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