Taller GiRASOL

Taller GiRASOL
c/o School of Arts and Culture
at the Mexican Heritage Plaza
1700 Alum Rock Avenue 
San Jose, CA 94606


Taller GIRASOL is a multilingual, multi-racial and multi-cultural community arts and action project that merges popular and traditional arts with social justice and solidarity action. Through art events, and social justice workshops and trainings, Taller GiRASOL creates spaces and moments for community, healing and collective power.


Taller GiRASOL was founded in March 2017. We have had several accomplishments in testing the ongoing interest in “artivism” and engaging community in practicing art, solidarity and action. In 2018, we made contact with over 500 individuals by engaging them in social justice screen printing art builds. We also established our SolidARTE program, a program in which Taller GiRASOL partners with organizations to produce screen-printed artwork to amplify social justice issues. In 2018, we piloted Delegación Chimalxochitl, and were able to take three women and one gender non-conforming person to the 1st Zapatista International Gathering of Women in Struggle in Caracol Morelia, Chiapas.

The Issues:

As we enter our fourth year, our biggest issue is financial growth and stability, which includes reliable income in order to support our work through foundation grants, a sustained giving program and other income-generating activities. East San Jose communities are facing aggressive gentrification, uncertainty and fear, especially related to immigration issues. This creates a community dynamic of social isolation which creates political isolation. Our community needs now more than ever opportunities to resist isolation and to have spaces where they can share problems, identify solutions and fight for change in a way that affirms their language, histories and cultural expression.

Constituency and Leadership:

Taller GiRASOL is based in East San Jose and that is our primary community. Our primary constituents are Latinx, 1st and 2nd generation immigrant residents, including undocumented college youth. We are pro-Black, pro-queer, proworker and pro-women, and inclusive of other communities of colors, so we pay special attention to low-income, immigrant women, queer, trans and gender non-comforming young adults, and Afro-Latinxs.

Tackling Oppressive Structures:

Taller GirASOL has an intersectional analysis regarding cross-cultural issues of oppression, racism, neo-colonialism and imperialism. The legacies of these systems and histories of oppression continue to replicate themselves with communities, individuals and our lives. The art we create interrupts these dominant, self-replicating narratives and reflect the ongoing struggles, aspirations and efforts of the communities we serve.

Movement Building:

We approach movement building from an accompaniment perspective within a broader ecosystem of social agency where our communities can work against, with and outside of the state-governed systems, that often replicate and reinforce oppression. We accompany specific organizations, such as membership-based organizations like Mijente, which seeks to activate Latinx nationally in campaigns that seek to abolish ICE and build local organizing circles. We also work with ACCESS Women’s Health Justice to amplify and support reproductive justice issues. Finally, we collaborate with Transnational Villages Network in order to connect our local work with transnational movements of social justice, human rights and dignity.

Long-term Vision for Change:

The roots causes we seek to address are racism and white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism and discrimination against the poor, especially migrants from the Global South. Our long term vision for change is that these communities, with all their resilience, knowledge and wisdom, will find solutions rooted in dignity for all people and the planet. An ethos that centers collective action vs. individual egos, that celebrates culture and creation to imagine a just transition from our current reality that exploits, incarcerates and makes life impossible to one that centers joyful resistance is at the center our vision. Organizing to create a culture where it is everyone’s responsibility to coach others into courage and action, and creating spaces for people to break isolation is what will get us closer to our vision.

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Organization Budget:  $33,000
Request: $10,000

Raised to date this week:

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