More Resources

Tools for grassroots organizations

Welcome to our resources page! We will try to keep an updated list of resources available to grassroots nonprofit groups to help you in your important work for social change. If you have any other links that you would like to add to this list, please email us.

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Fundraising, grants & social ventures

Tools and resources to help you raise money online, manage donor campaigns, receive discount computer software, accept donations online, research and apply for grants, set up social ventures to generate income, and more.

Meeting & event organization

These sites will help you schedule meetings and conference calls, organize events and manage RSVPs, and make coordinating committees easier.

Communication tools

Tools to help you keep in touch with your colleagues, members, donors, and other important people in your community. This includes free conference call access, webinars, email marketing/newsletters, and other free or cheap tools.

Websites & graphic design

Need a cheap or free way to have a presence online with a website? Need a logo? Check out these resources.

Nonprofit employment and volunteering

Whether you are looking for a job in nonprofits or are looking to hire a new staff person, these sites will help you connect.

Technical assistance & capacity building

These groups assist groups with various aspects of managing or building an organization, including facilitation, fiscal sponsorship and strategic planning.

Organizing, media & research, anti-oppression trainings

Whether you want to learn more about grassroots organizing, direct action, nonviolence strategies, working with the media, or undoing oppression, these resources will help you in this important work.

IRS advice

Do you need advice for setting up your nonprofit?  Help with filing articles of incorporation or applying for your own 501c3?

General nonprofit news & resources

Websites, publications and newsletters with up to date news, trends, success stories, and other resources for nonprofits.

Free & discount tech

Resources for free or cheap computer software and equipment.