Technical Assistance & Capacity Building


A training and capacity building organization that offers a variety of services to help community based organizations. Offers trainings in everything from governance and organizational leadership to fundraising and volunteer management.

Third Sector New England

Transform and empower your nonprofit with TSNE’s educational resources, trainings, consulting services, diversity and inclusion-building, leadership coaching and fiscal sponsorship.

Rockwood Leadership Institute

A nationally recognized leadership development program. Offers trainings and retreats for community and organizational leaders working for social change.

Spirit in Action

Spirit in Action webinar trainings are positive and action-oriented, and focus on the fundamentals of grassroots organizing, strategic planning and collaboration. Using popular education methods, participants engage in small group work, learn how to listen and identify hindrances, and interact positively with each other in the training.

Fiscal sponsorships

Fiscal Sponsorship is a relationship you establish with a registered, tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization, mainly so that you are able to accept deductible donations and grants. Registering for your own 501(c)3 status is always an option, but many groups choose not to register because of the paperwork, expenses and other requirements that come with it. Many groups choose to find a fiscal sponsor until their group has the capacity to get their own status.

There are three main types of fiscal sponsorships.

  • Model A: Also called a “Direct Project,” in this model, your group becomes, legally, a project of the sponsor. The sponsor’s board of directors becomes the legal board of your group, and any staff you may have becomes a staff person of the sponsor. Model A relationships typically charge a higher fee, but the benefit is that the sponsor does all of your accounting, bill payments, and you may have access to a wider range of resources.
  • Model B: Also called an “Independent Contractor,” this is typically for individuals or small groups of individuals that acts as a contractor for the sponsor.
  • Model C: Also called a “Pre-Approved Grantee” model, in this relationship your group maintains complete legal autonomy, with your own board, your own staff, etc. Instead, the sponsor “pre-approves” grants for your group for the duration of the contract. As you raise money for your group, donations are made to the sponsor, and the sponsor makes regular grants to your group.

Non-profits that offer fiscal sponsorships

Peace Development Fund

PDF offers a Model C fiscal sponsorship for 7.5%. Please click HERE for more information.

Third Sector New England

TSNE offers fiscal sponsorship to organizations based in New England or New York City.


Fiscal Sponsor Directory

A comprehensive list of organizations offering fiscal sponsorship and links to other resources about fiscal sponsorships.