Who We Serve

Our partners:

  • Grassroots groups organizing in their communities;
  • Organizations of oppressed and marginalized people;
  • Those not served or funded by mainstream philanthropy, both nationally and internationally;
  • Those most adversely impacted by systematic forms of injustice and oppression – therefore primarily, but not exclusively, communities of color;
  • Intermediaries, coalitions and capacity builders;
  • Organizations led by the people most adversely affected by conditions, issues or systems;
  • Our inclusive PDF community – donors, grantees, partners.

Principles that guide our work with our partners:

  • Support community-based organizations and grassroots groups and their locally-grown leaders, including young people, to articulate their realities, develop their analyses, critical thinking, and strategic action in order to challenge and transform the world around them.
  • Strengthen community based and other intermediary capacity building organizations.
  • Create, support and enhance opportunities for movement building through networking and alliance building.
  • Support international movements and create opportunities to share movement-building strategies across international boundaries.
  • Acknowledge and address power and class relationships in our grantmaking, capacity building and within PDF.