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The Peace Development Fund is more than a grantmaker: our model of philanthropy involves direct funding, advocacy where appropriate and partnerships built around mutual respect, sharing of resources, and transparency of planning and decision-making. We endeavor to be a key “go-to” foundation on issues of peace, human rights, social justice and environmental protection. We work to counter-balance dominant power structures by moving resources and sharing decision-making with activist groups and communities. Learn more…

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  • Pioneer Valley Community Advised Fund 2023
    PEACE DEVELOPMENT FUND AWARDS $10,000 TO VALLEY GRASSROOTS ORGANIZATIONS AMHERST, MA – The Peace Development Fund (PDF) announced grant awards through their Pioneer Valley Community Advised Fund (PVCAF) to three social […]
  • Seeding The Movement Fund Grantees
    The Peace Development Fund is thrilled to announce our latest grants—we’re supporting 22organizations in every region of the US and Haiti and Mexico through the Seeding the Movement Fund.Seeding the […]