Benefits of a Donor Advised Fund

Is social change a priority for you?

What kind of world do you want to live in?

What is your vision of a just and peaceful society?

How would your life and your community be different if the goals of equity, peace and justice for all were truly achieved?

Do some of your goals include:

  • An active engagement of all people in the work of community building, where everyone is safe to be themselves and willing to work on the issues that divide.
  • Accountable, community driven government, business, and law enforcement.
  • An environment we preserve as it preserves us.
  • Education that is accessible and meaningful.
  • Work that people love and economic security for all.
  • Health-care for all people.

Do you believe that any movement for social change has to include all the Americas?

At the Peace Development Fund, we see the connections between the problems in the US and the problems affecting the rest of the Americas. Our staff has a strong, holistic analysis of how change happens. We have developed expertise in funding projects that address colonialism, globalization, immigration, and environmental degradation in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Do you want to be strategic in your giving, but don’t know where to start?

You know what is important to you, but don’t always know the best way to use your money to support social change. The Peace Development Fund’s Donor Advised Funds are designed to help individual donors effectively direct funding to the causes that interest them. Keeping track of rapidly changing political situations, finding and researching groups, determining which groups have the greatest potential to create systemic social change, and making wise funding decisions all take time. Since 1981, this has been the Peace Development Fund’s work. We’ve spent years developing cutting-edge political analysis, learning about social change movements and building relationships with grassroots activists. Our 30+ years experience in research, fund administration and analysis of social change can eliminate most of the work than can make funding social change feel overwhelming.

Do you want to give responsibly without making it your full time job?

The Peace Development Fund’s Donor Advised Funds allow you access to the expertise we have developed, while enabling you to set your own funding criteria. The Peace Development Fund will: Discuss your funding interests with you. Help you determine funding criteria for groups or projects that fit your interests. Research the area you wish to fund and provide you with up-to-date information. Solicit proposals from groups and screen them to identify strategic work. Present you with a selection of groups doing work you would like to support. Identify networking opportunities among groups. Keep updated on events that affect grassroots work in Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States. Maintain contact with groups by phone and mail. Provide you with quarterly financial reports. Provide you with appropriate documentation of your contributions.

Do you want to make every dollar count?

Starting a Donor Advised Fund at the Peace Development Fund is far easier and less costly than if you set up your own foundation or hired consultants to do this work for you. The Peace Development Fund can also help you maximize your giving by planning contributions that minimize your tax exposure. Donating appreciated assets to the Peace Development Fund directs your money to social change rather than to capital gains taxes. The Peace Development Fund accepts gifts of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate.

What grants can you make?

Donor Advised Grants are for a minimum of $500 and must fall within the Peace Development Fund’s mission: the Peace Development Fund works in partnership with groups in communities to achieve justice, economic democracy and peace. Through grants and technical assistance the Peace Development Fund supports and strengthens effective local, regional and national strategies that involve groups in creating a movement for peace and social justice.

Do you want to remain anonymous?

At the Peace Development Fund, we leave that decision up to you. The fund name you select is used in all communications with those you fund. You choose the level of anonymity or publicity that feels right to you.