Land Back Peace Fund

Throughout the history of the United States, Indigenous peoples have been violently removed from the lands that once sustained them—relocated to diminishing reserves.  There is a long history of broken treaties. 

#Land Back is a national movement to restore Indigenous lands back into Indigenous hands, with philanthropists playing a critical financing role in that repatriation process.  PDF has long been a partner with and an advocate for Indigenous Peoples. PDF believes that land governance in the United States must change to recognize and uphold Indigenous rights and responsibilities, and to restore our ecosystems. 

Paul Haible, PDF’s Executive Director from 2004-2024, has a long history of partnering with Indigenous organizing including advocating for the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Peoples that was established in 2002.  Recently, he worked with a donor advised fund donor to fund land back projects from the proceeds of the sale of their family farm in Iowa.  This experience added to PDF’s expertise in resourcing land back projects. 

To celebrate and recognize Paul on his retirement, we have established the Haible Land Back Fund.  We are looking to raise $1million to endow the fund and ensure adequate resources.  Fund advisors will include Paul Haible, Indigenous staff, one board member, and two Indigenous advisors.  The Haible Fund is dedicated to connecting resources to Indigenous, grassroots organizations for programs or initiatives that move or restore lands. 

With support from the Peace Development Fund, Chickaloon Village Traditional Council (CVTC) received grant funding to explore and develop wind and solar energy projects on Chickaloon Tribal land. Our support helped leverage another $7 million in funding.

photo from Chickaloon village website!