Funding Map

Since 1981, The Peace Development Fund has provided more than $46 million in program services (including grants and training) to 2,659 social change groups in the United States and internationally. More than 3,500 people have been trained to move forward a movement for peace and social justice. By rolling your cursor over sections of the map below you will see where PDF has provided its grant dollars this fiscal year in the U.S. (Note: grant dollars noted below indicate the location of the grantee office; however the work of those grantees may include local, state, regional, national or international work).

Our FY 2023 Funding Map, features our 2023 Community Organizing Grantees. To learn more about these grantees, click here.

Puerto Rico D. C. Rollover or tap a state for more information

Not shown in map:

PDF’s current international funding is only through donor and community advised funds.

Haiti: $2,500.00
Mexico: $30,000.00
United Kingdom: $24,000.00