Funding Map

Since 1981, The Peace Development Fund has provided more than $40 million in program services (including grants and training) to 2,631 social change groups in the United States and internationally. More than 3,500 people have been trained to move forward a movement for peace and social justice.  By rolling your cursor over sections of the map below you will see where PDF has provided its grant dollars in the U.S. (Note: grant dollars noted below indicate the location of the grantee office; however the work of those grantees may include local, state, regional, national or international work.)

Puerto Rico D. C. Rollover or tap a state for more information

Not shown in map:

PDF’s current international funding is only through donor and community advised funds.

Argentina:  $6,750
Australia: $3,500
Belgium:  $1,000
Canada:  $14,700
Chile:  $2,000
Colombia:  $25,506
Costa Rica:  $2,000
Democratic Republic of Congo:  $21,000
Dominican Republic:  $87,100
Ecuador:  $4,700
El Salvador:  $22,000
Germany:  $500
Guatemala:  $98,797
Haiti: $201,746
Honduras:  $52,300
India:  $6,000
Israel:  $9,000
Kenya:  $5,000
Mexico:  $364,985
The Netherlands: $67,963
Nicaragua:  $35,360
Pakistan:  $14,000
Palestine:  $42,000
Philippines:  $14,000
South Africa:  $6,000
Thailand: $8,000
Trinidad:  $8,500
Uganda:  $7,000
United Kingdom:  $118,706