The donors to the Peace Development Fund pool their money and give their time to transform a social system that now gives some people unlimited access to tremendous resources and many more people little or no resources to meet their most basic needs.

PDF donors realize that their true interest does not lie in maximizing their own personal wealth and resources. Donors to PDF look for their security in the building of a movement for social justice out of which will come a new social system in which everyone’s material needs are met; where people expect, demand, and receive just and equitable treatment; where differences are celebrated; where the environment is respected; and where the earth is treated as the life-sustaining partner that it is. In short, they desire the creation of a world in which peace is the natural result of a society built on equity, justice and compassion.

PDF donors understand the power of an organized, collective voice. They pool their resources at the Peace Development Fund and raise up a collective vision of peace and social justice that speaks louder than they could as individual givers. While they rely on our expertise to find the most promising voices for change, they also take the risk of trusting the choices we make about how to use money in the most strategic way possible.

As one donor put it, “The Peace Development Fund’s work is especially strong because it is the collective expression of hundreds of individuals joining our giving potential to have the strongest possible effect.” This is a time when increased responsibility is placed in the hands of the individual, private philanthropist to solve society’s most pressing problems.

Due to our individual commitments to creating peace and social justice, each of the Peace Development Fund’s board and staff members is a donor to the PDF. With a deep sense of partnership and appreciation, we thank everyone who joins us in this endeavor.