Letter to the Editor: The Power of Storytelling Oppenheimer and the Call for Peace  Published on July 27, 2023

Dear Editor, 

This weekend’s release of the film “Oppenheimer” is a reminder of the risk of nuclear weapons that began 78 years ago in the desert of New Mexico.   

This cinematic blockbuster humanizes the reality of nuclear conflict, amplifying the voices of the communities who have suffered its dire consequences. The people living near the Trinity nuclear test site in New Mexico in 1945 were among the many victims of testing, production and use of nuclear weapons.  Those impacted were predominantly Indigenous and low income communities. 

“Oppenheimer” presents a nuanced exploration of the moral ambiguities intertwined with nuclear power, unveiling its harrowing human costs. The film compels us to face these realities and ask ourselves the difficult questions about the kind of future we desire and our role in shaping it. 

As the war in Ukraine continues in its second year and nuclear weapons agreements are being called into question, “Oppenheimer” reminds us that peace is fragile and the work towards eradicating nuclear warfare is not over.   

I encourage others to see “Oppenheimer” and have conversations with friends and family about the moral questions presented.  All of us can get involved and speak out for nuclear disarmament and a more peaceful world. 

In Peace, 

Lora Wondolowski 

Peace Development Fund 

44 N. Prospect St, Amherst 


The Peace Development Fund was formed in 1981 to support peace and human rights organizing

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