The Palestinian National Nonviolence Movement



The innovative Taghyeer (Change) Palestinian National Nonviolence Movement was founded by Palestinian community leaders with peace activist Ali Abu Awwad.  Taghyeer focuses on engaging Palestinian society on a way forward to achieve social change and national goals through nonviolence. The movement involves all segments of Palestinian society by strengthening and supporting communities and providing independent organizations and activists an umbrella for coordinated action.


Taghyeer builds purposeful nonviolent actions on the ground in which Palestinians will find their power to become decision-makers and agents of their own liberation by transcending the limiting narrative of victimhood and the competition of suffering, develop the skill of adapting and managing anger at intolerable conditions, rather than being controlled by that anger.  Taghyeer poses the fundamental question “Do you want to be right, or do you want to succeed?”

Active engagement in the movement requires participants to affirm Taghyeer’s code of respecting difference, dialogue and nonviolence. Taghyeer believes in creating the framework for social development and nonviolent resistance to occupation simultaneously.


Taghyeer’s engages community leaders within Palestine to hear the priorities of their communities and together, develop ides for purposeful nonviolent social action. By holding a series of regional leadership development workshops, Taghyeer builds expertise to implement activities in each of the communities, and throughout Palestine.

Activities will be based on community-prioritized needs for social development, including projects on women’s empowerment, youth leadership, education and individual rights, as well as countering the occupation. Taghyeer will also cooperate in peace building through a committee that engages Israelis, including Palestinian citizens of Israel.

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