The Palestinian National Nonviolence Movement

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Taghyeer (Change) is a Palestinian organization that leads a National Nonviolence Movement of grassroots communities and emerging leaders practicing nonviolence as a unifying identity for the Palestinian people. We work towards social and political change by taking responsibility for the self-development of our society. Our Messengers of Change enable community-led social action, empowering the leadership of women and youth to enhance our society by cooperative action.

We come together with other organizations under the principle of a Palestinian Nonviolence Charter which we embrace as essential to build partnerships and create a new nonviolent environment that allows for social and political change.

“Nonviolence is our identity, it’s the art of our humanity, and the best celebration of our existence.”

– Ali Abu Awwad, Founder of Taghyeer Movement

Taghyeer (Change) Palestine builds a mass movement of grassroots communities and civil society in the West Bank to play a leading role through nonviolence in action for social change, self-development and resistance to occupation.

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