Minding the Arts

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The mission of Minding The Arts is to create and support arts based educational programs both within and outside of the U.S., embarking with The Integrity School, a pre-primary school.

The Integrity School

The Integrity School, located in Ongwediva, Namibia, aims to fill the gap that is missing in the current education system by providing a positive learning environment that allows students to enjoy the process of finding answers, not merely accessing rote memory.
Through a hands-on, learning by doing approach, The Integrity School intends to inspire and empower the youth of Namibia and give them the building blocks they need to begin their education and the foundation they need to be able to successfully complete school and go on to become positive, powerful members of the community. In order to best access each students strengths, and in recognition of the various ways students learn, The Integrity School with continuously incorporate visual, auditory, and kinesthetic components into everything we teach.


Integrity strives to provide and embrace a unique and quality education with a difference for all children regardless of race, ethnic origin, gender, religion, social or economic status.  Our mission, with the help from the community in both academic and social ways, is to impact, transform, and mold our students into self confident, vision-driven individuals who have the power to brighten the future of Namibia.


The experienced staff at Integrity offers a safe and enriched atmosphere for the 38 children currently attending the school. The Integrity School intends to add two Grade One classes next year once approved, to the preschool and kindergarten classes already in existence. The Integrity School also provides a scholarship program for Orphans and Vulnerable children (OVC’s). Currently there are 4 girls and 3 boys who are fully sponsored and attending the school.

Minding The Arts will promote the project, contact potential donors, solicit donations, manage accounts and coordinate the purchase and delivery of materials and supplies in addition to direct funding of on-site assistance.

By working to fulfill the basic educational needs of children, Minding the Arts is moving forward a movement for peace and social justice.  The Peace Development Fund is proud to be able to support the work of Minding the Arts through our Fiscal Sponsorship Program.

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